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Saladswe sell our shop made dressings by the pint and our croutons by the bag

  • EBC Caesar – shop salad mix, herb roasted chicken breast,  tomato, bacon, blue cheese, Parmesan, EBC croutons, Romano peppercorn dressing. $8.75 entrée $4 half
  • Panzanella – shop salad mix, tomato, shaved red onion, kalamata olives, cucumber, feta, parmesan, fresh mozzarella, salami, EBC croutons, sun dried tomato vinaigrette. $8.50 entrée $4 half
  • Balsamic Roasted Vegetable Salad – shop salad mix, fresh mozzarella, tomato, shaved red onion, Parmesan, roasted vegetables, EBC croutons, balsamic vinaigrette. $7.75 entrée $3.5 half
  • Curry Cranberry Chicken Salad Salad – curry cranberry chicken salad, shop salad mix,  tart apple,candied walnuts, shaved red onion, tomato, bread slices. $8.75 entrée $8 by the pint (not available in half size)
  • Ginger Soy Sesame Chicken Salad – Shop salad mix, herb roasted chicken breast, pickled carrot, red onion, cucumber, avocado, tomato, crunchy noodle, ginger honey sesame soy dressing $8.75 entree $4 half
  • Big Salad How Cliché – shop salad mix, chicken, cranberry, tart apple, red onion, candied walnut, blue cheese, EBC croutons, balsamic vinaigrette $8.95 entrée $4 half
  • EBC Chop Salad-shop salad mix, capicola, smoked turkey, bacon, Swiss, cheddar, tomato, red onion, avocado, cucumber, garlic dill pickle slices EBC crouton, Romano peppercorn dressing  $9 entree (not available in half size)

Sandwiches on Slicedadd a half salad for $2.5 or a bag of kettle chips for $1

  • Some Ham & Cheese – Parmesan sourdough roasted with Swiss and provolone stacked with Capicola ham, Roma tomato, and chillitch sauce. $6.75
  • The Other Pastrami– Roasted sourdough, pesto, pizza sauce, pastrami, fresh mozzarella, romaine hearts, Roma tomato, chillitch sauce $7.25
  • Crazy Bird Above – cranberry walnut stone ground wheat roasted with provolone and stacked with smoked turkey, avocado,  red onion, and mustard sauce. $6.95
  • Cjolo– Parmesan sourdough, baby kale, capicola ham, provolone, hot pickle, and mustard sauce $7
  • New Grainer – seven grain stone ground wheat sourdough roasted with roasted vegetable, baby kale, and provolone, finished with a balsamic vinaigrette. $6.5
  • #47 the Larch – seven grain stone ground wheat roasted with cheddar and blue cheeses, red onion, stacked with hot pastrami, garlic dill pickle slices  and mustard sauce. $6.95
  • Caprese – focaccia with fresh mozzarella, Roma tomato, pesto, baby kale, balsamic vinaigrette. $6.75
  • Flying Frenchman – Frenchtown French roasted with apple butter, tart apples, and brie cheese, stacked with smoked turkey and finished with mustard sauce. $6.95
  • Curry Cranberry Chicken Salad – curry cranberry chicken salad and romaine hearts on roasted Frenchtown French. $6.75
  • The Shroomer – Frenchtown French roasted with mushrooms, baby kale, brie and Swiss cheeses, mustard sauce. $6.75
  • Half and Half – Your choice half sandwich and half salad. $7.25

Oven Roasted Pepperoni Roll Subs $7.95 add a half salad for $2.5 or kettle chips $1

All subs finished with romaine hearts, Roma tomato, red onion, hot pickle, chillitch, and balsamic vinaigrette unless noted (++)

available on baguette, french, or any of the sourdoughs also

  • D-Ray – Pastrami, smoked turkey, provolone
  • BLTA – Bacon, provolone, avocado
  • Jason’s Irregular – Chicken breast, bacon, blue and Swiss cheeses
  • That Guy –Capicola ham, salami, provolone
  • Almost Veggie – Balsamic roasted vegetables, baby kale, fresh mozzarella
  • Fratalian – Smoked turkey,  salami, brie cheese
  • 13-8-on-9 – Capicola ham,  salami, pepperoni, bacon, mozzarella
  • Upstairs Chris – Smoked turkey, tart apple, bacon, cheddar, plus mustard sauce
  • Not Really Pizza – Pizza sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella
  • Regular John – Cut cold with pastrami, smoked turkey, salami
  • Giuseppe Wong ++ –Ginger honey sesame chicken, provolone, pickled carrot, cucumber, avocado, crunchy noodle
  • Bacon Caprese ++ – Bacon, pesto,  fresh mozzarella, baby kale, Roma tomato, balsamic vinaigrette

French Bread Pizza $8-  two slices with today’s lunch box salad

  • Irregular-pizza sauce, chicken, mozzarella, bacon, blue cheese
  • Shroom– pesto, pizza sauce, mozzarella, bacon, mixed mushroom
  • Cap and pickle– pizza sauce, mozzarella, capicola, hot pickle
  • Veg out-pesto, pizza sauce, roasted vegetables, fresh mozzarella
  • Pesto turkey- smoked turkey, baby kale, bacon, brie
  • Pepperoni– pizza sauce, fresh mozzarella, pepperoni
  • margarita– pizza sauce, fresh mozzarella, pesto

Shop Made Soup Sold by the Pint
  • with bread slices $4.5
  • with half salad or half sandwich on sliced $8
  • with roasted cheese sandwich $7

Detroit Style Pizza by the Slice $2.5


Coca – cola products

San pellegrino products


Dual chocolate chunk cookie $1.5

Cranberry honey oat cookie $1.5

Salted caramel brownie $2